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Relax and enjoy Bükfürdő – Sightseeing, recreation, sports

Bukfurdo church

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The name of Bük was made known by the medicinal water, it is beyond dispute. But we can not only occupy ourselves by pampering ourselves in the spa, there are other things to see and do in Bük & Bükfürdő.

The city of roughly 3,500 inhabitants is located in Vas County, in its northwestern part, right at the confluence of the Kisalföld and the Alps. It previously existed as three separate settlements, namely in the division of Lower, Middle and Upper Bük, but these three parts actually merged in 1902. Nevertheless, these names can still be found today, as a part of the city, of course. But let’s see what it’s worth looking at if we’re going to do this and we can’t stay in the water anymore!


First of all, I would definitely like to mention the parish of Saint Clement and the church park belonging to it, and not only because it is only a 15-minute walk from La Maison du Calme, on Petőfi Street, which is the main street. The Roman Catholic church itself, built in 1408 in Gothic style, is beautiful, but the park around it is what makes the place truly unique. There are plenty of benches on the green surface with cobblestone paths, and there is also a monument to the World War II, the revolution of 1848-49 and the Holocaust. You can also read about Mary’s Column or the tomb of Pál Felsőbüki Nagy. If we walk around these, we are almost magnetized by the idea of ​​sitting on one of the benches and recharging our batteries with the serenity of Bük while sunbathing or reading a good book.

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Bükfördő Saint Clement church

Another “must go” place is the Kneipp Park and its Organic Point in Bükfürdő. In the park, in addition to enjoying the large green space (it really covers quite a large area), we also have the opportunity to try out the Kneipp dry bearfoot path. Here you can walk more than 500 meters on ground of various types, shapes and materials (such as gravel, gravel, splinter, grass, wooden boards, sand). I kept my feet in the shoes because of the weather, and it still felt good, but in the summer, the real thing is when you can do it barefoot. This is when the nerves of the feet receive a stimulus that has a positive effect on our whole body – so it’s worth giving it a chance. The already mentioned Organic Point was designed by Csaba Nagy, an artist from Bük, and is intended to depict the harmony of water and the environment. It is not a place that you can see every day, which with its style also refers to the basket weaving, which is so emphasized in this area of Hungary. It is definitely worth stopping and taking a few deep breaths at this point.

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Bükfürdő Kneipp dry bearfoot path

If we go there, we will be only a few hundred meters away from the Ecumenical Chapel. This is not to be missed, as it is the only ecumenical chapel in the country that is not in the hands of a church, but a foundation. The settlement is due to Lászlóné Jezierski, and on the second Sunday of every month there is a service where you can visit this modern, brick-clad chapel.

We should also mention the Szapáry Castle which was initially built in the XVI. century, which of course would have been worth my visit, but has been in private hands since its last renovation and is currently unfortunately not open to the public.

Sports, recreation

In addition to the fact that we can walk a lot in Bük & Bükfürdő, and thanks to the renovated bike path and the bicycles belonging to the accommodation, we can not be disappointed even if we want to do some strength exercise.

There are two outdoor training parks in the city, one on the Petőfi Street in Bük (who would have thought), while another one in Bükfürdő, directly opposite the spa. There is no huge difference between the two tracks, perhaps the former is more focused on your own weightless, machine-free workout (there is also pulling, pushing and ringing here), while the latter is more about mechanical machines. It is worth mentioning that there is a small playground next to both parks, so the whole family can book for a while. I personally prefer outdoor training vs gym, because we can exercise in the fresh air, without weight, and our own body weight, which is also more beneficial for our joints.

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Bük Outdoor Gym

If you’re a golf lover – unlike me – you won’t be bored either, as you have the opportunity to indulge your passion at Birdland Golf & Country Club. Those who crave something great will not be left out either, as the seasonally open Crystal Tower Adventure Park can provide fun for young and old alike.

Hikers and those wishing to fish can also find their calculations here, as there are several hiking trails in the area (this will be discussed in more detail when the good weather arrives), while there are many fish swimming in the Répce River and the three nearby lakes.

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